Show: June 1, 2008

When the Lights Go On Again (part 2)

Step into the Divaville Lounge on Sunday, June 1 from 2-4 for the second half of our two-part special in honor of Memorial Day. Today we'll hear from Signor Bucca, the father of Sarah's dear friend Francesca. Signor Bucca was born in Sicily in 1931, and he'll tell us about his experiences during the invasion and occupation. We'll hear a child's perspective on living in a war zone, and we'll hear classic songs from the war years. Tune in for an afternoon of wartime memories at the Divaville Lounge.

NOTE: The interview portion of this program will be recorded in advance. Many thanks to Francesca Bucca for the interview and translation, to Georg for editing, and to Santa Salsera for editing and voiceover. Be sure to check out Georg and Santa Salsera's excellent WXDU programs: Wake Up and Smell the Chaos on Thursday mornings from 7-9 am, and Azucar y Candela on Wednesday evenings from 6-8 pm.

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Signor Bucca grew up in Gala, outside Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto: (click map to enlarge)

Signor Bucca's father was sent to Addis Ababa in Ethiopia as a worker to build an airport:

When Mussolini visited Signor Bucca's school, the children were required to give the fascist salute: