Show: November 23, 2008

On the Road to Victory

Step into the Divaville Lounge on Sunday, November 23 from 2-4 pm as we celebrate Veteran's Day with a special guest! Rod Hungerford served in the US Navy from 1943-1946. A radio operator on the destroyer escort USS Otter,(DE-210) Rod will tell us about his experiences during the war, and we'll hear some of his favorite wartime songs. Join us in honoring this veteran!


Thanks for a great show where you interviewed Mr. Hungerford on Sunday. You cleared something up I have always wondered about. My mom has said there were WWII veterans sitting alongside the rest of the students in her high school just after WWII ended, and I wasn't sure whether her memory was faulty or what. I didn't think they would draft these guys when they had not finished high school- recall that in Vietnam, they weren't even subject to the draft if they hadn't graduated from college! After hearing Mr. Hungerford's story, I see mom was right. Aside from all that, very interesting interview and thank you for spending so much of your time to tell us your story.

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